What's In The Name?

​We get asked a lot … why Wesben Global? What’s in the name?​

Wesben pays tribute to future generations. Named for the first two born children of our founder’s family, Wesben acknowledges the generational shift that is shaping the way we lead today and redefining the leaders of tomorrow. Through their lens, we recognize and celebrate the compassion, emotional intelligence and acceptance essential to building a strong community of practitioners, clients and delivery partners.

The name recognizes the indigenous teachings and principle of seven generations – that the decisions we make today should lead to a sustainable future for 7 generations to come. ​

Global is where we work and reflects our experience. Wherever our clients or projects may be located, our actions and intentions must be measured by the impact on the communities where we operate. The diversity of thought, perspective and experience brought together from our global community will enrich our every day lives and the way we work. ​

Together, as Wesben Global we are reminded that an inclusive and needs-based approach to community collaboration will help to sustain positive environmental, social and economic growth for generations to come.