What Drives Us

Community Connections. Sustainable Investments.

We are passionate about environmental, social, and economic initiatives that are designed to build healthy ecosystems and sustain healthy communities for future generations. We owe it to them to leave it better than we found it. This is our why, our passion, and our purpose.​

To do this, we focus on the relationship between these 4 priorities:

Healthy Environment

We engage with our clients and delivery partners to prioritize, protect, and preserve environmental wellness through the design of their business and project needs.

Healthy People

We collaborate to identify business and project goals that will positively influence healthy living conditions and outcomes for impacted individuals and broader communities.

Healthy Communities

We encourage early participation with rightsholders and stakeholders to innovate for growth, gain license to operate, and design programs based on the needs of impacted communities.

Healthy Systems

We focus on healthy systems that are backed by measurable results and quality data to improve business performance, attract investment, and allow environment, people and communities to interact and operate effectively.

Guiding Principles

Our principles guide how we choose to live and work every day. What we do is important but how we work is what sets us apart. This is our commitment to each other and our community of clients and delivery partners.


We strive to build community. The power of connection, inclusion and belonging are visible in everything we do. ​


We appreciate and respect cultural diversity and influence to broaden our understanding and perspective.


We don’t talk to you. We talk with you. We collaborate with our clients and with each other to understand the vision, identify the risks, and deliver sustainable outcomes.


It’s all about building trust. We empower our people and our clients to define their success, and we discuss the pathways and manage expectations through open and honest communication.

Our Promise

We promise to show up authentically, and to demonstrate our commitment to clients through quality delivery and dependability.

To keep our promise, we define our success factors before the start of every opportunity. We filter our fit through the criteria of live, learn, and grow.

When deciding on a new project, we ask ourselves:​

  • Can we live and work to our values and to what inspires us?
  • What will we learn from the experience?
  • How will we grow and keep raising the bar as a community, as a team, and as individuals?​

Asking these questions helps us to keep our promise and bring the best of ourselves to every engagement.