Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

What is a fractional CSO? ​

Are you a small-medium sized organization seeking sustainability support, but not ready to onboard a full-time in-house Chief Sustainability Officer? A fractional CSO can provide you with the necessary expertise to grow your sustainability program based on your business needs.​

How does it work?​

Through our collaborative effort with CSO Partner, we offer fractional CSO support and services to represent your company in its sustainability journey. ​

Your organization will benefit from the experience of highly qualified sustainability specialists, while you have chosen an assigned CSO to represent your business alongside your executive team. A fractional CSO becomes part of your business operation, is assigned a business email, and will take a leading role to build and grow your sustainability strategy and program as a member of your senior leadership team.

About CSO Partner​

CSO Partner is a hub of sustainability entrepreneurs with decades of experience advising financial services, industry, and governments on the appropriate management of environmental, social, and governance issues along with building indigenous partnerships. (ESGI). We’ve worked as consultants with many of the largest and most respected professional services and engineering consulting firms. We offer a fractional chief sustainability officer (CSO) service to help small and medium-sized businesses identify and address ESGI challenges and capitalize on investment opportunities. Your fractional CSO becomes a full member of your team, representing your company to your customers, investors, communities, governments, employees, and civil society. ​ 

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