Our Services

We have proven expertise managing risk and stakeholder relations in some of the most challenging places around the world.

Our suite of business advisory, project support and fractional sustainability services helps our clients to assess risk, define strategy and develop sustainability programs throughout the design, build and execution of their business and project needs.

Strategic Initiatives

How do you deliver strategic initiatives that are backed by purpose? Know your audience. Engage early and engage often. Measure the right things. Keep an open mind. Our strategic initiatives practice can help you to align needs and values to actions and move the dial from intention to impact.

  • Business strategy
  • Customer / end user analysis
  • Departmental design, plan, and measures
  • Technology adoption and integrations
  • Business impact assessments
  • Implementation plans and processes
  • Policy development
  • Corporate IESG programs
  • Corporate governance
  • Investor relations and presentations

ESG Advisory

The ESG and regulatory landscape is evolving, but what does this mean for your business? We can support you to translate sustainability risks and opportunities, determine impacts and improve your ESG performance.

  • IESG strategy and program design
  • Double materiality assessments
  • Lifecycle Assessments (LCAs)
  • Public and stakeholder consultation
  • Indigenous rightsholders: collaboration and partnership agreements
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People
  • Investor analysis: social performance due diligence
  • IESG and Sustainability reporting

Project Lifecycle Management

Our team works to maintain project scope, timelines, and budget, tracking risks and opportunity along the way. As your delivery partner, we work alongside you through the design, build and execution of your business and project needs.

  • Project feasibility and design
  • Project scope, plan, and measures
  • Global workforce planning and deployments
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Local content development
  • Government relations
  • Permitting processes – IAAC, provincial applications
  • Consultation and engagement processes
  • Project governance and controls
  • Risk profile and complexity assessments
  • Project reporting and disclosures
  • Project management

Disaster Recovery

What is your plan for when things don’t go according to plan? Big projects have big impacts, and even bigger implications. A well-practiced and properly communicated emergency response program will prepare your team to act quickly and minimize disruption.

  • Scenario analysis
  • Table-top exercises
  • Emergency response management plans
  • Program plans, process and documentation
  • Crisis communications
  • Risk and issue monitoring
  • Risk reporting
  • Post incident debriefing

CSO Services

Are you ready to onboard a full time CSO? If not, our fractional sustainability service offers you a seasoned sustainability executive to embed in your business and meet your sustainability needs.

Sector Focus Areas

We deliver across these key sectors working within complex policy settings on the path to secure our energy future.