Case Study #1

Sector: Energy & regulatory services

Scope: Integrated planning & analytics

Problem: ​

Our client was undergoing significant organizational change through a rebranding strategy. The organization was experiencing change fatigue and difficulty defining roles and responsibilities.

Opportunity: ​

Client sought support to develop a new service focused on data, planning and analytics to monitor, measure, and report on the effectiveness of internal programs and strategic priorities – with emphasis on monitoring and measuring communications, stakeholder engagement and reconciliation actions.​ 

How we helped:

Our team had a leading role to monitor and analyze risks and issues related to the information environment, including ENGO’s, federal​ and provincial governments, industry, media, and public opinion.​ We used this information to deliver leader alignment sessions across 3 internal groups and the Executive Office to inform the departmental planning process.

Partnered with our client group leader and business unit director, we developed a new internal service focused on integrated planning and analytics, along with a critical activities path, including risks, issues, and blockers to the proposed delivery model.

A detailed rollout plan enabled service delivery supported by workload analysis, resource allocation and cost structure.

To stand up the new service, a program management refresh for quarterly and annual reporting, engaging senior leaders to integrate key measures for stakeholder engagement and indigenous relations and reconciliation throughout the process.

Outcomes and benefits:

Our client gained confidence to report and defend data driven results and information with more certainty, gaining efficiency in quarterly reporting processes, future state business planning and budget allocation.​ New program measures reflected the systemic and ongoing nature of indigenous issues, to help client advance Reconciliation plans, actions, and measures.​

Efficiency gains across business unit and departments impacting internal and external relations were identified and could be addressed for mitigation and continuous improvement.

“We were facing a lot of challenges within our organization, and we knew we needed to make some changes. Danielle and her team came on board and introduced us to a new suite of work tools. With their support, we designed a new external monitoring function that allowed us to leverage more concrete data and analytics to improve our quarterly reporting and identify a path forward to implement our new strategic plan.”

– Sarah Kiley, Group Leader, Integration, Planning and Analytics, Canada Energy Regulator